I, too, have a dream

Nothing inspires and mobilizes us like a great vision, artfully told. It’s human nature, we’re more easily persuaded through emotionally charged ideas than with dry facts. Yet, despite of this being a well known convention, many brands fail at clearly articulating and expressing their vision of why they bring value to the world, and why we should buy them/follow them/use them/share them.

Jim Stengel argues that brands that have a purpose  and manage to bring it to life in a powerful way will always outperform brands that don’t. Brands that have “ideals”, connect better with consumers, are more easily differentiated vs. others and ultimately drive higher purchase intent.


Copyright 2016 The Jim Stengel Company, LLC.  

It makes sense. The challenging part is, of course, in crafting a great ideal, and even more challenging, consistently delivering on it. But every journey starts with one step. Eben Pagan said it best: “Clear Visions Create Causes” .

There, go forth and dream.


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