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Gamification has had more than its fair share of hype over the last 10 or so years. At times it feels like understanding and harnessing its power to drive human behavior would usher a new era of business and indeed society.

And yet, for the most part only a handful of companies in the social media and tech space (in addition to gaming companies, of course) are truly leveraging its potential.

Creating a leaderboard, or rewarding users with badges and points by interacting with one’s brand does not a gamified campaign make. That’s why I like Yu-kai Chou’s framework – it’s comprehensive enough for the most sophisticated of companies, and simple enough to grasp the full array of possibilities and opportunities of gamification for the smallest of brands or indeed, communication/engagement campaigns.

Check it out and level up:

The Gamification Framework Octalysis converts any campaign into actionable steps by breaking down motivation into 8 Core Drives.

Octalysis Framework

Source: Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework – Yu-kai Chou


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