YouTube still Video King – but Facebook growing fast

It’s no secret that the video destination of choice for most users is YouTube, but the last figures from comScore uncover other interesting dynamics:

  • Hulu, which ranks only 10th in unique users, well below Yahoo!. Microsoft and Facebook, actually logs in more minutes per viewer than all of these 3 competitors combined. This is obvious given that their business model is based on long format programming, but it’s easy to oversee that duration of engagement is one of the most attractive features for advertisers.
  • Vevo only launched earlier this year but has now climbed to the top 5 video sites, ahead of Viacom, Fox, Metacafe and Disney.
    I predict this may become eventually the 2nd most popular video site for 3 reasons:  The infrastructure support of Google, the marketing investment of  the leading music labels and the laser focus on high quality music videos, often providing official and exclusive content that users can’t get anywhere else.  A recipe hard to beat when attracting the 15-29 year old demographic.

Read more about these stats on Inside Facebook’s story here.

Photo credit: Kofoed



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