Uncoventional Wisdom in Advertising

As the saying goes, “Common sense is the less common of the senses”; equally, Conventional Wisdom is often misplaced as well especially when it comes to what drives a higher ROI in advertising.

For years, the traditional marketing school has emphasized Share of Voice and heavy media up weights as the solution to cut through. A recent study published by Ipsos, aggregating thousands of ads among multiple categories shows that this is not the case. The study shows in fact that content and creative power explains up to 75% of the variances between ads that are recalled and those who are not.

Other interesting insights:

  • Creative pools (e.g. a set of ads under the same creative idea but with various executions) should be aired sequentially, not concurrently.
  • Adding an additional touch point is better than over focusing in one channel.
  • Continuous TV plans are more efficient than burst plans. This is because your ad should be the last one seen prior to a buying decision.

The full PDF is available here.

Photo credit: Francisco Diez


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